Here are just five low resolution images taken from the 48 eye-catching full colour lithographs included in "Britannia's Bulwarks : The Achievements of our Seamen, The Honours of our Ships" edited by Commander Charles N Robinson, R.N. with illustrations in colour by Charles Dixon R.I. and in monochrome by C. J. Staniland R.I.

This book was published jointly in 1901 by "Navy and Army Illustrated" and George Newnes Ltd of London

 Page dimensions 10  x  14 inches    plate size 7 1/2  x  11 inches


 The "Speedy" leaving Portsmouth
The "Speedy" leaving Portsmouth
"Speedy" Gunboat. Launched Chiswick, May 1893. Displacement 810 tons
. Heaviest Gun 4.7inch Quick Firer

 The "Queen" at the Spithead Review of 1845
The "Queen" at the Spithead Review of 1845
"Queen" Battleship 3,083 Tons. Launched Portsmouth 1839. Heaviest Gun, 32 Pdr

 The "Inflexible" Anchored at Spithead
The "Inflexible" anchored at Spithead
"Inflexible" Battleship. Launched Portsmouth 27th April 1876
Displacement 11,880 Tons    Heaviest Gun 16 inch,  81 tons

 The "Victory" at Trafalgar - Nelson
The "Victory" at Trafalgar. Nelson's Flagship nearing the "Santissima Trinidad"
"Victory" 2,162 Tons  Launched May 7th 1765    Heaviest Gun 32 Pdr 

 The "Victory" at Portsmouth
The "Victory" at Portsmouth. Came into Harbour from Last Commission Nov. 1812
"Victory" Flagship at Portsmouth 1824-30 ;  1846-69 ;  1885-91